Sunday, March 14, 2010

Live: Richard Bishop, Seattle, WA, 3/13/10 (Magma Festival 2010, Part 1)

Richard Bishop
Fremont Arts Abbey
Seattle, WA 3/13/10

It's been a busy weekend of concert-going, and I must confess I only caught the very tail end of this one, and none of the openers. Richard Bishop is best known for being a member of Sun City Girls, a band I know very little about, but their Wikipedia page might provide an education.

This was a part of Magma Festival, an annual fund-raiser for Hollow Earth Radio, a fantastic Seattle web-only radio station. I recommend giving it a listen - Especially for anyone interested in the local, eclectic and obscure.

This was a strictly solo show, with Bishop displaying some impressive guitar prowess and sophisticated songwriting. Some of his songs evoked Tom Waits, others were instrumentals with possible middle-eastern and Flamenco influences. He displayed a well-polished variety of styles. His virtuosity alone was enough to make me think I should learn a bit about SCG.

Nothing devastatingly hip about this show, but that would be missing the point. Seeing some good music at a venue I had not yet visited, followed by grabbing a pint with a friend at a nearby pub made for a pleasant Saturday night. 

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